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How Does It Work?

It's simple really... 

People love to take part in fun experiences, they love to see themselves on screen and they love to share it with their friends. 

Step 1.    Create an Awesome Experience

Step 2.     Make Epic Imagery

Step 3.    Make Social Sharing Easy

Step 4.     Love the Results

Step 1.    Create an Awesome Experience

Step 2.     Make Epic Imagery

Step 3.    Make Social Sharing Easy

Step 4.     Love the Results

"Thank you so much. Everyone had a great time and the photo booth was a huge hit. Thanks again"

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What's the Purpose?

You spend a large amount of money on your events. Often once you have the people there, you will only have the contact details for the person that booked if you are lucky, and there is no reason for them to shout about what they have seen. 

Once you add an experience you are giving them a reason to engage with your brand. 

Then you add a prize. An image that they are unable to create by themselves. It is through this medium that we can compile a GDPR compliant data set of people that are engaging with your brand. 

Not only this, they are creating branded content that they would like to share with their social circle. 

A well executed Branded Activation can make you more than it costs. 

"It is so useful to have these stats to help gauge how an event has performed.

We would absolutely love to work together going forward."

Why South West Photo Booths?

You are trusting someone to put together an experience that will wow your present and future clients. An experience that will make them want to share that experience and in doing so they will become your brand ambassador. It is not a decision you should take lightly. 

We have dedicated our career to making sure we are in touch with the latest technology and more importantly the latest trends. This allows us to be able to put together a photographic experience that is not only technically sound, but truly unique...

Our branded experiences are built completely individually to your needs, which means that no two are alike. Our in house design and technology teams will source or create everything we need to be able to ensure your brand is gaining the traction it deserves. 

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Here are just a few brands and organisations that we are lucky enough to call happy customers. 

Yours could be next. 

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South West Photo Booths has years of experience and can not wait to become your brand ambassador...

Let us know a little bit about your event and our team will put together some ideas for what experience would best suit your needs. 

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