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It's not always easy, but it is always fun!

Introducing the South Wests First Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Coming from a technology background, with a degree in computer animation, and owning a web design business on the side, I have always loved to play with new tech. I love it when a new product hits the market and turns heads, so when I saw the new mirror me selfie mirror from fotomaster, I knew we had to have it.

Up until now we have been running 3 oval photobooths, which have been brilliant. We upgrade all of our photo booths from the standard ones you buy from the UK's main suppliers with all of our own unique equipment and software to get the quality of photo we were happy with. Nothing annoys me more than seeing competitors crop up with blurry, pixelated and yellow looking photos, but it has become obvious that people are able to see the difference. Only 2 years into business, we are already dominating the market for photo booth hire in the South West because people see the service and photos we provide, and want to use us again.

The new Mirror Me Selfie photobooth (Or Magic Mirror as we have called it) uses the latest in photobooth technology, and comes with the external flash rig that we would normally provide with our oval booths. You often have to spend a lot of time configuring the setup to take a good photo, but the first one we took was good, and after a bit of time playing the settings, it was spectacular.

If you havent already, check out our video below to see what its all about, and if you are interested in booking, give us a call!


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