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FAQ No.1... What is the best venue you have ever seen?

Talking about work outside of work can be a bit of a sore subject. Not for us…we love nothing more than talking shop!

As a result, we often find ourselves answering all manner of wedding questions. Be it with a stranger who has seen the van, meeting someone new and trying to explain what it is we do, just catching up with friends or, more likely, at the end of a night when we popped out for a quick bite to eat (and all of a sudden last orders are being called!)

The most frequently asked question by far is… What is the best wedding venue you have ever seen?

The thing is there isn’t an answer. It’s like asking “what it the best song ever written?”, “what is the best kind of cake?” (Trick question…all cake wins), or “what is the best colour?” You could ask me any one of these questions and I will give you a different answer every time.

I am lucky enough to live and work in, what is in my opinion, the most beautiful part of the world. I was born in Exeter, I have travelled the world, but for me nothing rivals the South West of England. Especially in the wedding season.

Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset are all steeped in History. People flock on mass every weekend just to come and spend some time in our beautiful countryside, and let’s not forget we have more coastline than you can shake a stick at. So, wherever it is you decide to hold your big day, you know it is going to be visually stunning; but to pick a best is near on impossible.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some obviously spectacular choices.

Powderham Castle in Devon is a very special place. It is located alongside the Exe Estuary, nestled in 3,500 rolling acres of Deer inhabited grounds and has grand state rooms, formal gardens and woodland pavilions. It’s what dreams are made of.

Likewise, Babington House in Somerset is pretty dreamy. A Georgian Manor house set within 18 acres of grounds, including its very own Chapel and lake. When you go to a wedding at Babington, it is hard to imagine a wedding anywhere else.

If you are thinking about having the wow factor, the long manicured driveways of The Deer Park Country House Hotel in Devon, or St Audries Park in Somerset are also hard to overlook.

You may be thinking, “What about the photo opportunities?”….well if that is the deal breaker you may wish to take a look at the stunning views at Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall. The views over the beach in St Ives are to die for. If an attractive manor house is more your thing, Devon’s Huntsham Court is nothing short of opulent both inside and out.

You may notice that all of the venues I have mentioned so far are quite grand…so what if big and historic isn’t your thing?

One of the best venues I’ve seen for a good party was Trevenna Farm in Cornwall. Every room gave something new, and though guests were in different rooms, they never seemed to be separated, it was just brilliant.

I am also a definite advocate of a marquee wedding. There is something very special about being able to set up your big day in a location that means something to you, and is convenient for your guests.

I am sure at this point you are thinking to yourselves “so which was the best?” and I’m sure it will not be a surprise that the answer is…all of them!

I can honestly say I have seen large weddings, small weddings, quiet weddings, party weddings, military weddings, weddings on a budget and weddings at the other end of the scale. All of them have been amazing!

The thing is, no matter where you choose, your venue will be perfect for you because you have chosen it, and it will be full of all of your favourite people having a great time... in a Photo Booth of course!

I am aware that this may not have helped you find your dream venue, but I promise you will have a lot of fun looking… Happy hunting!

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