Our blog is a place where we share our experiences of running a photo booth hire company out of rural Devon. 

We share the highs and lows of servicing Devon, Cornwall, Dorset & Somerset with our photo booth, Magic mirror and photo pod services. 

It's not always easy, but it is always fun!

Devon's Magic Mirror

Word spreads quickly, which is very fortunate when you are tasked with promoting a new product people have never heard of!

The Magic Mirror photobooth is a brand new concept. It looks like a giant mirror, but comes to life when you tap on the screen/mirror. Setting up the other day at an event in Cornwall I was asked by an elderly couple why on earth the Bride and Groom would want such a bulky mirror in the venue, and when I plugged it in and showed them what it did it blew them away! The truth is, 90% of people I have spoken to in the area have never heard of a Magic Mirror booth before, and why would they? We are the first company in the area to own and promote this product.

When we started the photobooths a few years back, people were actively searching for "Photobooths in Devon", and so the majority of our business came through Google and our website, but with the Magic Mirror, few people seem to be searching for it yet. However, every Magic Mirror event we have done so far has led to more bookings. Once people see it, they have to have it!

The photos the Mirror provides differ from our normal photobooths mainly due to the backdrop, or lack of it! The benefits of this are the ability for guests to hold their drinks, go a bit more crazy, and more importantly, easily take photos of large groups of people, without having to cram everyone into a booth!

We also offer a fantastic range of customisations and graphics to the overlay on the photos. This means we can completely customise the theme of the photos to your event. We have recently had 2 themed evenings at RMB Chivenor for a Space Party, and a Wild West party, of which you can see the results on this page!

The Magic Mirror is hilarious fun, and something different your guests wont have seen before!

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